U.S. Oil offers Convenience Store Owners the opportunity to Stay Ahead® of the competition in today’s market. Whether it’s the choice of one of nine major brands, or U.S. Oil’s own independent brand, U.S. Oil provides the support, service and programs any owner needs to run a convenience store successfully. Find out more about U.S. Oil’s brand offerings, Preferred Provider Program, Open Road Rewards® Loyalty Program, and New and Used Equipment and Maintenance. Have your own brand? U.S. Oil can provide Convenience Store Owners with a competitive supply source for your independent brand.

Dependable fuel supply for every flag you fly

Our customers are dedicated Convenience Store Owners. As an owner, you are the operations manager, finance manager, cashier and merchandiser. You roll up your sleeves and work. With the day-to-day running of your store, why worry about supply? U.S. Oil is that trusted partner that can provide dependable supply how you want it and where you want it. Whether you want to wave a major’s flag or create one of your own, we’re here to help. We know that as a hands-on convenience store owner you have enough to keep you busy; let us take care of the rest.

Branded Supply

With 12 major oil brands, U.S. Oil has established partnerships with numerous majors that can drive gallons to your business. It’s our job to stay on top of all of the majors programs, and our customer service team has been recognized by numerous brands as one of the best. Choose from BP, Shell, Exxon, Mobil, Marathon, Citgo, Sunoco, Clark and Phillips 66. With their innovative programs created to help you increase your gallon sales, these trusted brands trust U.S. Oil to help you implement them.

Independent Supply

Have your own brand?  Does unbranded fuel work better in your area?  Whether you use our independent brand license (Express Convenience Centers), image your site with Clark, or fly your own flag, when you have a contract with U.S. Oil you're sure to receive reliable supply at competitive prices.

Unbranded Supply

For customers who have an established independent brand or would like to start one, U.S. Oil can offer a dependable fuel supply, competitive pricing and the benefit of numerous programs that will keep you competitive with other loyalty and buying programs. The other advantage is U.S. Oil’s customer service team who will help you every step of the way to stay on top of industry changes, keep you abreast of industry knowledge and be sure you have the tools you need to Stay Ahead® of the competition.

U.S. Oil is your supply and logistics partner

The Value of U.S. Oil

Discover how U.S. Oil can help you keep a competitive advantage in business. Stay Ahead® of the competition with U.S. Oil’s customer service, programs and offerings that add up to success for our customers:

Remarkable Customer Service

  • Education on industry information and trends
  • Getting you the most from your brand
  • Feet-on-the-street customer service visits
  • Convenient U.S. Oil Brand Store - to order uniforms and branded merchandise
  • Mystery shop support

Superior Communication

  • Monthly brand newsletters
  • Annual dealer meetings - Click here to mark your calendar for our next meeting
  • Email/twitter/text
  • Portal with 24/7 access to your information
  • Dealer Council
  • Representation at your state industry association and national events
  • Blog

Cost-Savings Programs

Stay Ahead®

Sean shares how U.S. Oil helps him to Stay Ahead®

Stay Strategic

Terry Stays Strategic with help from U.S. Oil

Stay Current

Jackson Stays Current with help from U.S. Oil

Stay Informed

U.S. Oil helps Darcey to Stay Informed

Stay Competitive

U.S. Oil helps Linda Stay Competitive

Stay Confident

Theresa Stays Confident with help from U.S. Oil

Stay On Track

Randy shares how U.S. Oil helps him Stay On Track

Stay Strong

Todd shares how U.S. Oil helps him to Stay Strong

Stay Informed

Brian shares how U.S. Oil helps him Stay Informed


  • Informed
  • Ahead
  • Strategic
  • Current
  • Informed
  • Competitive
  • Confident
  • On Track
  • Strong

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