Branding a retail gas station can bring a business instant recognition and trust in the eyes of potential customers. It also enables owners to take advantage of nationwide marketing and advertising campaigns: something that would normally be financially difficult for independent Convenience Store Owners. U.S. Oil helps owners harness the power of established gas station brands.

Brand Opportunities

U.S. Oil offers 12 brands branding opportunities: BP, Exxon Mobil, Phillips 66, Marathon, Shell, Citgo, Sunoco and Clark. As an expert guide on gas station brands, U.S. Oil can help determine which retail gas station fits each business for targeted success.

Exxon Mobil BP Shell Marathon Sunoco Phillips 66 Citgo Clark



Not only does U.S. Oil help brand your site, but we give you all the tools you need to Stay Ahead® of the competition including:

Remarkable Customer Service

  • Education on industry information and trends
  • Getting you the most from your brand
  • Feet-on-the-street customer service visits
  • Mystery shop support

Superior Communication

  • Monthly brand newsletters
  • Annual dealer meetings - Click here to mark your calendar for our next meeting
  • Email/twitter/text
  • Portal with 24/7 access to your information
  • Dealer Council
  • Representation at your state industry association and national events
  • Blog

Cost-Savings Programs