As a small business owner, it’s sometimes hard to know where to turn to find the tools and resources necessary to run a successful business. With nearly 30 years in the oil industry, U.S. Oil has developed numerous programs to help Convenience Store Owners Stay Ahead® of the competition. As an experienced convenience store operator, U.S. Oil has collected best practices, worksheets, checklists and forms that make the day to day operations of any convenience store run smoothly.

The resources listed below are available free of charge for all Convenience Store Owners. All tools are available as downloadable Excel spreadsheets that can be used in any business today.

Emergency Response Flow-Chart

The Emergency Response Flow-Chart outlines the proper responses by convenience store employees to multiple incidents that can happen in a c-store environment. This easy-to-edit form gives owners the space to enter customized information specific to each store and location. Download the Emergency Response Flow Chart for a quick training tool for employees to ensure they follow the proper procedures if an emergency should arise.

Monthly Merchandise Status Form

The Monthly Merchandise Status Form is a complete spreadsheet template for owners to use to track their monthly sales in each category. This form allows owners to track sales progress in beer, liquor, soda, energy, deli, dairy and much more. Help lift each category with this convenient tool.

Monthly Safety Checklist

Stores with low safety incidences perform monthly safety checks. This Monthly Safety Checklist walks managers or store employees through multiple items that need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure customer and employee safety. From checking that EXIT signs are illuminated and unblocked to inspecting the fire extinguishers, this checklist will help owners stay on top of necessary store repairs or maintenance issues.

Store Inspection Form

Stay on top of mystery shops with this internal Store Inspection Form. This fully-customizable form gives owners the opportunity to audit all areas of the store, ensuring it is clean and in working order. This is an excellent tool to use as a checklist of tasks when there are no customers in the store. Use this form to achieve your best mystery shop score yet!

In addition to these tools, U.S. Oil customers are invited to take advantage of classes offered through U.S. Oil’s C-Store University. Attendees will learn about Human Resources, Merchandising, Marketing, POS System Training and more. Click on the link below to learn more about C-Store University and how you can sign up for courses.

C-Store University