Express is an independent brand license of U.S. Oil. To help owners Stay Ahead®, U.S. Oil developed a brand with a clean look and competitive pricing.

Leverage a trusted convenience store brand

As a brand of U.S. Oil, one of the most well-respected fuel suppliers in the Midwest, Express is much more than the typical unbranded license. Express offers a number of tools to help Convenience Store Owners find success within the competitive petroleum environment. We provide assistance in imaging and fuel supply savings. And, with the value of U.S. Oil, all customers receive superior customer service, operational support, exclusive Open Road Rewards® loyalty program and access to discounted products and services with our exclusive Preferred Provider Program. Additionally, U.S. Oil offers new and used equipment and maintenance services with U.S. Petroleum Equipment. Altogether, as an Express licensed operator you can enjoy a complete business solution built into a simple package.


The Express license includes a complete re-image of your front court including:

  • Pumps
  • Canopy
  • Price Sign
  • Paint Refresh

Coffee and fountain drink program license opportunities

Take advantage of our additional licensing opportunities!

With a recognized look, the Splash Attack!® fountain soda program offers multiple flavor combinations with tasty flavor shots.

Dashboard Jo Coffee with a Smooth Drive® is a catchy coffee program that will make your station a morning destination.

These brands will catch the eye of any shopper! Check into these license opportunities; contact us today!

Dashboard Jo
Splash Attack

The Value of U.S. Oil

Not only does U.S. Oil help brand your site, but we give you all the tools you need to Stay Ahead® of the competition including:

Remarkable Customer Service

  • Education on industry information and trends
  • Getting you the most from your brand
  • Feet-on-the-street customer service visits

Superior Communication

  • Monthly brand newsletters
  • Bi-Annual dealer meetings - Click here to mark your calendar for our next meeting
  • Email/twitter/text
  • Portal with 24/7 access to your information
  • Dealer Council
  • Representation at your state industry association and national events
  • Blog

Cost-Savings Program