Program Offerings

U.S. Oil prides itself on helping customers Stay Ahead® of the competition. Whether it’s through exceptional customer service, educational offerings or consistent brand communications, U.S. Oil aims to keep its customers in the know, involved and successful. Three programs U.S. Oil offers help to do just that. U.S. Oil’s Preferred Provider Program (P3), Open Road Rewards® Loyalty Program and C-Store University are all programs developed to keep U.S. Oil customers on the cutting edge of the petroleum industry. Learn more about each of these programs below.

Preferred Provider Program 

We understand the necessity of buying power for independent c-store operators to compete with large chains. That's why we worked with regional vendors to develop our Preferred Provider Program. Exclusive to U.S. Oil customers, the P3 program helps owners save thousands on items they use every day.

Preferred Provider Program

Get national buying power with P3

P3 empowers independent Convenience Store Owners to save even more by leveraging national buying power or receiving rebates.

Learn more, signup and choose a program to begin saving today by emailing marketing@usoil.com. 

U.S. Oil Exclusive Loyalty Program - Open Road Rewards®

Open Road Rewards® is a site specific loyalty program with offers unique to your store, created exclusively for U.S. Oil customers. The goal of the program is to increase fuel gallons while driving inside sales. When customers purchase qualifying items or reach a certain dollar threshold, cent-per-gallon rewards are loaded to their card and can be redeemed at the pump or inside the store for discounted fuel. Rewards are active for 90 days and can be redeemed on all grades of gas and diesel, up to 20 gallons.

Open Road Rewards Card

A Loyalty Program Funded by Vendors

The benefit of Open Road Rewards over other reward programs is that the in-store offerings are 100% vendor funded. Dealers also have the option to add any self-funded offers if desired.

Get Started with Open Road Rewards Today

Open Road Rewards leverages technology services from Centego and program management services from ExclusiveConnection$ and U.S. Oil. The complete start-up kit includes:

  • Site Survey Support (Completed by Pump/POS Provider)
  • Installation Coordination
  • Card Management Services (250 Cards/Tags Included)
  • POP Management Support (Kit Included)
  • Pre-Negotiated, 100% Vendor Funded Promotions
  • Promotion Recommendations and Vendor Enlistment
  • Best Practices/General Loyalty Consulting
  • Training Services
  • Site Level Promotion Support
  • Site Level Reporting Access
  • Mobile App and Website Management

Easy Loyalty for Owners and Customers

This program is designed with simplicity in mind for the dealer and customer. Dealers complete two tasks every three months: 1. Select from pre-negotiated offers, and 2. Place signs next to products in store. Customers just need to grab a card; they are already active and ready for use. No cost or registration needed. Learn more about Open Road Rewards at www.EasyGasSavings.com.

Contact Us Today

Paul Williams
Program Manager
openroad@usoil.com Click here to learn more at easygassavings.com.

C-Store University

C-Store University

The U.S. Oil C-Store University offers the latest about how to find and retain talented staff, grow your bottom line, and reduce expenses. C-Store University courses will be taught by industry experts covering various topics including HR, merchandising, marketing, petroleum industry updates and much more. Available for all U.S. Oil Customers, C-Store University courses will be available at U.S. Oil’s annual dealer meetings and on a quarterly basis at various locations across the Midwest. Visit usoilcsu.com for information about upcoming educational opportunities for you and your employees to learn how to Stay Ahead® of the competition.