​U.S. Oil Terminals and Logistics

A leader in petroleum distribution, U.S. Oil distributes nearly 2.5 billion gallons refined petroleum products across the United States. As a trading group, pipeline shipper and terminal operator, U.S. Oil actively markets out of our 25 owned and operated terminals and nearly 200 more terminals across the United States.


With a combined storage capacity of over 7.5 million barrels in bulk fuel storage tanks, U.S. Oil’s 25 owned or operated terminals provide wholesale fuel distribution while maintaining a reliable fuel supply. The diverse offering of products found at these terminals includes: several grades of gasoline, ULSD, ethanol, and biodiesel blending and other liquid products. For a complete list of products and more information on each product offered at U.S. Oil terminals, click here. For a complete map of U.S. Oil-owned or operated terminals, or to learn more about what each terminal offers, click here.

Third-Party Terminals

In addition to 25 owned or operated terminals, U.S. Oil actively markets out of nearly 200 terminals spanning the United States. Through third-party relationships, U.S. Oil distributes petroleum and non-petroleum products owned by others. To identify a terminal location near you, visit our National Footprint map.


Through pipeline, rail, light oil barge and truck, U.S. Oil moves more than 2 billion gallons of fuel a year. As logistical experts in the oil industry, U.S. Oil uses multi-mode transportation resources to move large refined products and renewable fuels in North America. To learn more about U.S. Oil’s modes of transport, click here.