All About Skimming Prevention

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Skimming, the stealing of credit/debit card information, is on the rise in the fuel industry. The Fueling Indiana Publication called this year “The Year of the Skimmer.” Even with the work put in to protect fuel costumers from being a victim of identity theft, fraud at the pump continues to grow.  Credit card skimmers are the devices that criminals use to collect card data with which they create fraudulent cards. The problem with these skimmers is that they are difficult to spot; they can be found on the inside or outside of the pump. When the skimmer is internal, they are attached to data lines in the dispenser where the data is transferred electronically. Externally, there is an overlay that looks similar to a PIN pad/ card reader. Being able to locate a skimmer is one thing, being able to prevent a skimmer from collecting card data, is another. As a fuel distributor, it is important to use these six prevention tips:
  1. Be familiar with the inside of your dispensers. Take photos for future reference and comparison.
  2. Do daily inspections for any signs of tampering or foreign devices.
  3. Upgrade or replace your dispenser locks.
  4. Utilize security tape over dispenser doors to identify tampering. Be sure the tape is unique to your store and cannot be duplicated.
  5. Use video surveillance cameras at the pump and be aware of suspicious vehicles parked for long periods of time at the fuel island.
  6. Know your employees, observe their actions, and be aware of non-employee visitors. Be suspicious of devices not a part of normal business activities.

By following these tips, it prevents customers and the store from falling victim of these skimmer scams.