Boosting Beer Sales: Growler Style

Thursday, November 10, 2016

There is no question that craft brews have taken the beer industry by surprise in recent years, and retailers are elated to accept this opportunity to build their c-store by including these different beers. The Brewers Association stated that grocery craft beer volume sales were up by 16.4% in 2015; which can only mean that having a new way to sell these craft beers will be a positive action to sales. To take advantage of expanding the beer margins in your c-store, going with growlers is the best way!

The Growler Station is the newest way to attract people to your c-store. Going this route shows customers how innovative and unique your store is. Since craft brews are the up and coming thing, it’s possible that the store may lose on packaged beer sales because craft brews are slow to bottle, which is why the idea of selling from a tap is a better option. For the c-stores that have already implemented using growlers as a new form of sale, they used the company Growler Station Express. The company developed a kiosk that has a digital beer menu that can range from four to 24 taps.

Things to caution before diving in to the growler station are the legal policies that comes with it. Some retailers run into issues with the law because they are only allowed to sell growlers that are already filled, not ones to be filled in the store itself; be sure to check with the laws in your state before going through this process. Although, the more breweries that appear and more popular that growlers are becoming, is allowing the government to adjust the laws. 

When adding a growler station to your store, be mindful of how you merchandise it. Establishing a walk-in beer cave, growler space, mix and match 6 packs, and space for chilled wine are all great ways to innovate a new store design.