Get to Know Your Consumers!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Most convenience store shoppers can identify under one of four consumer categories. Being able to pinpoint these specific groups, will allow you to stay ahead of your competition. The categories identified by industry researchers are breakfast eaters, late night stoppers, pit stoppers and meal eaters. An article by General Mills, “How to Win Key Consumer Segments in Convenience Stores”, has carefully researched how to get to know these specific shoppers better.

Breakfast eater: This type of convenience store shopper makes up 22 percent of consumers. Given that they are most frequent on weekday mornings, focus on having a variety of fresh breakfast offerings to delight these consumers. Be sure to have baked goods, granola bars and coffee deals ready for the breakfast eater shoppers.

Late night stoppers: These shoppers are known to make late night visits to your store during the week. They are the 18 percent of shoppers who hit up the convenience store for liquor, cigarettes and lottery tickets. Boost sales to this group of shoppers by having a convenient selection of alcohol and tobacco products to reach them while waiting for cigarette or lottery purchases.

Pit- stoppers: The Pit stoppers are the 38% of consumers who are on-the-go shoppers.  They use convenience stores for gas, restrooms and ATMs. Attract these certain shoppers at the pump; capture their interest along their trip to the bathroom with good deals on quick snacks, beverages, gum and candy.

Meal eaters: These are the young shoppers who head to c-stores in search of a full meal around lunch and dinner. To win them over, offer and advertise a variety of fresh, hot meals. You could even try offering a “meal deal” of a sandwich, chips, and a drink. In addition to the meals, having household items such as utensils, napkins, wipes, etc. is not a bad idea!