How Shoppers "Sense" Your Store

Friday, January 13, 2017

Individuals have five natural responses to most things in life, including shopping. According to Nichole Reyhle in article “Engaging All Five Senses of Your Customers” majority of C-store consumers have five different ways to be engaged- or disengaged- by the c-stores they visit. Below, the five senses will help influence new ways to engage customers.

Sight: The sight sense is important because it will be what attracts the customer to the products. Customers prefer an open store layout that allows easy movement, including space large enough for strollers, wheelchairs and other walking aids. Additionally, creating attractive displays and neatly arranged products in the aisles.

Smell: Aroma in the c-store can be a great way to sell more products. Placing a cookie or coffee scented candle around the store may be just the right approach to boosting coffee and bakery sales.

Sound: A little assistance from an enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff member can go a long way. Encourage employees to engage themselves with customers as much as possible. Also soft music playing in the background can assist in the mood of the customer; be cautious to keep the music neutrally accommodating to all customers.

Taste: Provide samples to customers. The chance of sale is higher if the consumer is able to taste test products prior to purchase.

Touch: It has been proven that when a customer has a product in their hand for more than 30 seconds, they become emotionally attached, resulting in a possible sale. By placing products such as; blankets, stuffed animals, lightbulbs, etc., vertically on shelves at easy-to-grab places will increase the chance of them picking the items up.

Use these tips to engage your customer’s five senses and see sales rise.