Keeping the Convenience in Convenience Store

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Convenience store customers drive past hundreds of gas stations daily. Because there are so many options for customers, it is important for your store to exceed expectations. In order to accomplish this goal, convenience store owners must find a way to put the convenience back into the store. Owners should remember that not only does convenience mean to provide efficiency at the checkout but more importantly, it means employees should be engaged with the customer the moment they walk in the store. The service and products that are provided in the store is the best way to increase convenience to the customer. According to Lori London, some convenient services that customers are searching for are:

ATMS: It is no secret that credit/debit cards are a convenient paying option for consumers today. However, there are times that people still need cash. Everyone is busy and left with no time to go to the bank ATM, which gives convenience stores a great opportunity to give customers that service which results in more in-store traffic, not just staying at the pump.

Household Items: Investing in common household items like plastic utensils, batteries, flashlights, cleaning products, foam coolers, can cozies, etc. will result in customers spending more money at your store versus the bigger stores.

Food service: Many consumers look for a “one-stop-shop” when going to the convenience store. By providing on-site prepared food such as deli sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, pizza, salads, flatbreads and more, your store could have potential to be a popular lunch destination.

In addition to the three services to include at your store, having a clean, well-stocked and organized store at all times will provide the convenience needed to help your store succeed!