Keeping the Customers Happy

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The gasoline fueling industry is highly traveled. This being said, it is important to realize how valuable maintaining a c-store is, and it’s quite easy! There are a few quick ways to make simple adjustments to your store to keep customers returning.

1)      Customer service- The service that employees provide for customers is the key to success. By training employees to always be attentive, courteous and presentable it will ensure a positive reputation for your c-store.

2)      Stock up- All of the high selling products should be fully stocked, front facing and priced accurately. Remember to check expiration dates because no customers appreciate seeing expired food in coolers.

3)      Cleanliness- Inside and outside, how clean the store is will reflect on whether customers return or not. Keeping the inside of the store up to par with having clean windows, floors and bathrooms is a definite way to ensure customer return. Outside appearance is just as important as inside appearance. The dispensers, driveways, canopies, trashcans, and landscaping are the first items that customers notice while approaching the station.

4)      Outfitting the store- the world around us is so engaged in technology that c-stores need to adapt as well. Installing a TV at the pump is an option for this new adjustment. While questioning whether or not to install a TV, it is important to remember that the longer a customer is watching media at the pump, the longer the fill up time will be which results in a higher sale. In addition, there would then be an option to upload store promotions onto the TV in order to attract customers to come inside the store.