Putting a Stop to Employee Theft

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

It’s common for store owners to think their employees would never steal from their store. Although, unfortunately, it is discovered daily by merchants that staff members have done just that. Statistically, about one out of every 40 convenience store employees have been apprehended for theft by employers. Thankfully, there are ways to diminish employee theft and in return, surround your store with a staff you can trust with these five smart tips and strategies:

  • Background checks: employee theft prevention can start right at the hiring process. Be cautious and avoid hiring employees with a criminal background or a dishonest resume.
  • Get to know your employees: it has been proven that it is harder to steal from someone with whom a relationship has been formed. As a manager/owner, it is important to connect with your employees and be aware of any financial difficulties, levels of stress, or family situations.
  • Surprise audits: When employees are aware that there will be random work space area checks it results in them focusing on being more honest and organized.
  • Take a strong position against theft: demonstrating the consequences of employee theft to your staff members is valuable in order to minimize the amount of crime in your store. You are able to do this by hosting a workshop to encourage employees to follow the policies of the store and ensure that there will be no doubts of what will happen when an employee steals. Trustworthy employees will respect your thoughts and polices which will make you feel secure in your hiring decision.
  • Reward good: it is no shock that people work well when they have incentives; which means that it is important for you to sell your employees on doing the correct thing. It is important for employees to realize that when a fellow employee steals $200 from a cash register, the whole store is out that money. By offering bonus checks based on store profit, this will lessen the amount of theft because all employees will be looking forward to the bonus check.