Smoothly Transition from the Holidays to the New Year- Here's How!

Friday, December 30, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, it is important for convenience store owners to ring in the new year with a strategy. Unlike large grocery chains and stores, convenience stores have less shelf space which gives a larger opportunity for experimenting while lessening the risk of financial loss. Below are strategies that owners can easily implement to kick off 2017.

  1. Take down holiday decorations- As it is important to decorate for the holidays, it has been statistically shown that customers like to see holiday décor removed after the season. Leaving holiday decorations up gives the impression of oldness which will lead customers to associate store products as old as well.
  2. Cycle out holiday products- Along with removing holiday decorations, the holiday products should be removed as well. As an owner, create a special shelf for marked down holiday items and be sure to promote the items with signage. Even if the mark down is only a few cents, it will encourage the sale of the items and assist in getting rid of holiday products.
  3. Continue to promote special items: Just because the holidays are over, does not mean that all special offers should be eliminated. A store should continue to find reasons to highlight special deals. Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is the next holiday to market!