Spring Into Spring Cleaning

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

As the spring weather approaches, so does spring cleaning. The mix of snow, and salt can put a damper on the look and vibe of your property and these specific tips can assist in refreshing your c-store:

Floors: Whether the store has carpet or hard floors, a deep clean is necessary to brighten the look of the entire building. Hiring a floor cleaning service may be a valuable investment to ensure your floors get a quality clean. Floor cleaning services are able to give a high pressure clean and remove the salt buildup that was built up over the winter.

Glass and Doors: Aside from the forecourt, the doors and windows are the first few things that invites a consumer in. Carefully inspect and clean all aspects of the doors. Tighten all screws, clean the door, handles, locks, and windows. Not only is it important to keep the windows of the store clean but also the display cases should be cleaned inside and out to project a clear vision of the products.  Note that keeping doors and glass clean should be a daily task.

Mats: During the winter months, many retailers place mats on the floor at the entryway o f the store to prevent the floors from getting wet, salty, and dirty. When spring comes around, it is important to check the condition of the mats and have them deep cleaned. Little things such as clean mats, can transform the look of the store entirely.

Bathrooms: Convenience Store News organized a poll of 1,000 adults and found that 94 percent would avoid going back to a c-store where they encountered an unclean bathroom in the past. Daily bathroom cleanup is essential although, a deep clean before summer is necessary. Be sure to sanitize all surfaces, toilets/urinals and fixtures.

Building: In addition to the above spring cleaning tips, it is important to focus on the little details of the store. Change lightbulbs, repaint, replace ceiling tiles, and remove old posters, tape and decorations. It is not a bad idea to declutter the cleaning supplies closet, toss any expired cleaning supplies. Also, be sure to check your smoke detector batteries.