Store Design Tips

Friday, December 09, 2016

A big challenge retailers face in the C-store industry is creating a store design for a positive customer experience. So, when you decide to tackle making improvements to your store, here are some easy remodeling items to consider:

Interior Design setup: The majority of customers who come into the c-store, already have a purchase in mind before they walk in. According to an article from Stovall Construction, it is wise to get rid of the standard shoulder to shoulder shelving and use more modern day shelving that is unique with curves and give a clear view of what you are offering at the store. Also, replacing refrigerator units and beverage cases may seem like an unnecessary expense but new models are more energy efficient than the older equipment.

Making traffic less clustered: A crowded store is a good sign from a sales perspective, although, a crowed store can lead to impatient customers. To prevent frustration of long lines and crowded aisles for customers create wider aisles, multiple checkout stations, and smart shelf placement to enhance the customer convenience while increasing their browsing time.

Restrooms: Keeping everything fresh and clean in the restroom should always be a priority. Having worn out and messy restrooms is sure to leave a bad impression on the customer. Touch free soap dispensers and hot- air hand dryers are the best ways to enhance the customer’s experience.

Food Service: Partner with a food chain to differentiate your c-store from others! Steam trays and serving islands will provide an alternative to cold sandwiches. Coffee is one of the top hot beverage choices in a convenience store generating more than 77% of beverage sales according to NACS. Adding a brewing station allows customers to choose their favorite kind of coffee. Also, installing a small seating area allows customers who are on the run to enjoy their food all in one stop.