Wine for the Win

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Within the past 10 years consumers have voiced a demand toward a wider variety of craft and imported beers along with hard sodas and packaged wine. As a c-store owner or operator it is important to consider offering these up and coming products. Similar to how beer is packaged, wine consumers are requesting that c-stores offer alternative wine packaging. In addition to selling bottles of wine, canned wine, boxed wine, wine in pouches and four packs of wine are other examples of wine packages that should be sold at your store.

Although all variations of wine packages can be offered at your store, canned wine is the hot new item to sell. In a study completed by the Texas Wine Marketing Institute, millennials were asked about their perception of the quality of wine with alternative packaging. When the results were collected, canned wine was said to be the best product. Not only did those surveyed claim that canned wine have the best flavors but the convenience factor played a big part in the fact that canned wine is more on-the-go accessible.

An article by Erin Pinkerton titled, “What C-Stores Can Sell Cold,” states that the top table wine brands to sell in your c-store are Barefoot, Sutter Home, Yellow Tail, Woodbridge and Gallo Family. Consider offering the most popular canned wines which are the Barefoot Refresh Wine Spritzers.

Beer sales in the Midwest are hardly ever slow but by implementing these new convenient wine packages, your store should see alcohol beverage sales increase as a whole!