U.S. Oil’s wholesale fuel department is a leading nationwide marketer of unbranded petroleum products. Customers receive dependable supply and competitive pricing on a variety of petroleum products. We pride ourselves on finding a better way‚Ą† to meet our customers’ unique needs.

Learn the value of U.S. Oil:

  • Large renewable fuel supplier
    U.S. Oil has a commitment to sustainability. Sourced from regional farms, U.S. Oil is supporting local farmers while providing a renewable resource for our customers.
  • Flexible contract pricing
    We’re large enough to have the resources you need when you need them, but small enough to develop a flexible pricing contract that works for you and your business. Work with one of our marketers to develop a contract pricing plan that meets your business needs.
  • Hedging
    Enjoy peace of mind when you work with U.S. Oil marketers to establish a firm fixed fuel contract. For a specified period of time we will give you a firm price, no matter what the market does. Click here to learn more about U.S. Oil’s firm fixed pricing.
  • Large network of assets to support national fuel needs
    With 25 owned or operated terminals and access to nearly 200 third-party terminal partners, we have the fuel you need, where you need it. Click here to see an interactive map of our U.S. Oil owned, operated and third party terminal locations.

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